Iowa Shooter News

I try  to take  as many Iowa shooters pictures as I can, attending State shoots, but it is not easy.  I apologize if I did not get your picture. Don't be shy, introduce yourself to me, I will by happy to take your picture. 

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Autumn Grand

Fall Handicap

Heartland Grand

Grand America

South Dakota State Shoot

Minnesota State Shoot

Otter Creek 4th of July Shoot

Illinois State Shoot

2015 Autumn Grand

2015 Fall Handicap

Wyatt Lindstrom


Event 1 Singles Sub Jr Champ

Event 2 HC Sub Jr Champion

Event 3 DBLS Sub Jr Champion

Event 4 HC Sub Jr Champion

Event 5 DBLS Sub Jr Champion

Mike Jackson


Event 2 HC 27yrd Champion

Event 6 SGLS Class A Champion

Event 14 DBLS Class A Champion

Josie Lonning

Event 15 Singles Championship Lady I 3rd 

Event 22 Handicap Championship Lady I r/u

Karen Goodrich

Event15 Singles Championship Lady II Champion

Event 20 HC Lady II winner

Event 22 HC Championship  Lady II Champion

Event 23 Doubles Championship Lady II R/U Champion

HAA Lady II Champion

David Hull

Event 15 Singles Championship Sub Vet 3rd

Eric Clark

Event 17 HC 18-21.5 yrd winner

Cody Burgin

Event 19 HC Champion R/U

Event 24 18-20.5 Yard winner

Jim Lear

Event 20 HC Sub Vet winner

Aly Haas

Event 20 HC Junior winner

Bob Kisner

Event 22 HC Championship 21-23.5 yrd Champion

Mick Friedel
Event 23 Championship Doubles 3rd Place Champion

Heath Kasperbauer

Event 23 Championship Doubles Class C Champion

2015 Heartland Grand

2015 Grand America 

2015 Iowa State Shoot:Go to "Iowa Photos" page

2015 South Dakota State Shoot

2015 Minnesota State Shoot

Otter Creek 2015 4th of July Shoot

2015 Illinois State Shoot

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