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2017 Iowa State Shoot
July 18-23

2016 Iowa State Teams

Elite Team

Dale Stockdale 95.68

Terry Palmer 95.42

Dean Bright 95.16

Hunter Gehrke 94.62

Frank Sick 94.5

Kenneth Brandt 94.36

Ed Schlotfeldt 93.78

Larry Bumsted 93.39

John Kannegieter 93.35

Monte Kloubec 93.23

Gary Lynn Stille 93.17

Mike Jackson 92.61

Tommy Keeshan 92.57

Kevin Hartwig 92.5

Joe Needham 91.99

Justin Venner 91.84

Mitch Burgin 91.14

SR. Veteran's Team

Jerry Pierce 91.08

Jim Pemble 90.65

Dennis Bigelow 87.97

Women's Team

Shelly Heitner 90.99

Carly Berutti 89.35

Kassi Salsbery 89.25

Chance Kirchner 87.33

Veteran's Team

John Houghes 95.7

Jeff Walters 93.36

Gary Dudley 91.77

Tom Schmidt 90.55

Phil Thyer 90.52

Rick Kalsow 90.43

Junior's Team

Treven Stallman 90.79

Evan Ingalls 90.75

Macus Draves 89.32

Sub-Junior's Team

Parker Baugh 91.12

Wyatt Lindstrom 90.78

Bryce Wade 89.2

Christopher Gardner 89.18

2017 Iowa ATA All Americans

Shelly Heitner

Lady I Second Team

Bev Dominacki

Lady II Second Team

Dale Stockdale

Sub-Veteran First Team

Dean Bright

Senior Veteran First Team

Larry Bumsted

Veteran Second Team

Raymond Baltes

Chair Shooter Team

Congratulations Monte Kloubec!!

First 200 Straight

Oct 1, 2016

Missouri Fall Handicap Singles Championship.

Event Champion!

Missouri Fall Handicap 9/24-10/2

  • Monte Kloubec
    Monte Kloubec
  • Ryan Meier
    Ryan Meier
  • Bryce Wade
    Bryce Wade
  • Rick Kalsow
    Rick Kalsow
  • Jim Lear
    Jim Lear
  • Mitch Burgin
    Mitch Burgin
  • Aly Haas
    Aly Haas
  • Karen Goodrich
    Karen Goodrich
  • Cody Burgin
    Cody Burgin
  • Gary Stille
    Gary Stille
  • Jeff Konken
    Jeff Konken
  • Chance Kirchner & Lori Glasgow
    Chance Kirchner & Lori Glasgow
  • Alan Nicholas
    Alan Nicholas
  • Eric Clark
    Eric Clark
  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson
  • Andy Johansen
    Andy Johansen
  • Ron Flake
    Ron Flake
  • Heath Kasperbauer
    Heath Kasperbauer
Monte Kloubec
Monte Kloubec

Death Notice: 

Don Wickliff of Knoxville, IA passed away September 25, 2016.  Don was the Southeast Zone director for several years. 

Deepest sympathy to the family and friends, Don will be missed...

Death Notice:

Phil Thyer passed away August 22, 2016. Below is a link, obituary and Information for services.

Deepest sympathy to the family and friends, Phil will be missed...

Click Here for White Funeral Home Link

"White Funeral Home
400 First Street West
Independence, Iowa 50644 

Independence – Phillip C. Thyer, 67 years old, of ruralIndependence, Iowa, died on Monday, August 22, 2016, at the St. Louis University Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.  He was born on June 19, 1949, the son of Frank R. and Donna Mae (Schroeder) Thyer.  He graduated from West Central High School in Maynard, Iowa, with the Class of 1967.  He served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.  On January 21, he and the former Carol Lynn Fober were married in Waverly, Iowa.  Mr. Thyer was the owner and operator of the Silvan Learning Center in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  He retired in 2015.

Mr. Thyer was an accomplished trap shooter.  He was a life member of the Iowa State Trap Shooting Association (ISTA) and the Amateur Trap Shooting Association (ATA).  He was president of ISTA for 7 years (1989-1995), Iowa’s ATA Delegate for 12 years (1996-2007), and he served on the Iowa Handicap and Classification Committee for 9 years (2008-2016).  He was inducted into the ISTA Contributory Hall of Fame.  During his career, he won 3 doubles titles (1992, 1998, and 1999), and 1 singles title (2007) at Iowa ATA Championships.  He was singles runner up in 1988 and 1994.

He also was a member of the Quasqueton Archery Club and a Wednesday Night Poker Club.  But his love of and delight in his grandchildren were some of the most important things in his life.

Mr. Thyer is survived by his wife of 43 years, Carol, 1 son, Ryan (Jennifer) Thyer of Waterloo, Iowa, 1 daughter, Holly (Clay) Schulte of Walker, Iowa, and 5 grandchildren, Austin, Courtney, Noah, Gillian, and Gradyn.  He is also survived by his father and step mother, Frank and Frances Thyer of Fayette, Iowa, and 1 sister, Debbie (Rollyn) Schroeder of Oelwein, Iowa

He was preceded in death by his mother and step father, Donna and Richard Guenther.

Memorial Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, August 29, 2016, at the White Funeral Home inIndependence with Pastor Mark Morehouse officiating.  Burial will be in Wilson Cemetery inIndependence.  Friends may call for visitation from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 28th, at the funeral home."

2016 Grand American

Trophy Report                                        Grand Photos

Grand Trophy Report page is now Complete
Click here

Iowa Shooters at the
2016 Grand American
(not all shooters pictured)  

  • Bob & Ann Kisner
    Bob & Ann Kisner
  • Luke Erickson
    Luke Erickson
  • Richard Cottrell
    Richard Cottrell
  • Hunter Gehrke
    Hunter Gehrke
  • Evan Ingalls
    Evan Ingalls
  • Devon Wood
    Devon Wood
  • Mitch & Cody Burgin
    Mitch & Cody Burgin
  • Paul Ingalls
    Paul Ingalls
  • Emily Klein
    Emily Klein
  • John Riemersma
    John Riemersma
  • Carly Berutti
    Carly Berutti
  • Treven Stallman
    Treven Stallman
  • Steve Hanson/Tom Hammond
    Steve Hanson/Tom Hammond
  • Marcus Draves
    Marcus Draves
  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood
  • Cody Burgin
    Cody Burgin
  • Dale Stockdale
    Dale Stockdale
  • Gary Stille & Louis Segebart
    Gary Stille & Louis Segebart
  • Parker Baugh
    Parker Baugh
  • Rick Kalsow
    Rick Kalsow
  • Jerry Pierce
    Jerry Pierce
  • Alan Nicholas
    Alan Nicholas
  • Kenneth Rogers
    Kenneth Rogers
  • Kevin Hartwig
    Kevin Hartwig
  • Ken Jackson
    Ken Jackson
  • Mitch Burgin
    Mitch Burgin
  • Lori & Dave Wickman
    Lori & Dave Wickman
  • Andy Weber
    Andy Weber
  • Denny Dozark
    Denny Dozark
  • Butch & Bev Dominacki
    Butch & Bev Dominacki
  • Charlie Hartwig
    Charlie Hartwig
  • Mason Moore
    Mason Moore
  • Ann Kisner
    Ann Kisner
  • Terry Palmer
    Terry Palmer
  • Matt Shockdale
    Matt Shockdale
  • Hunter, RG, Ron, Treven
    Hunter, RG, Ron, Treven
  • Shelly Heitner
    Shelly Heitner
  • Hal Myers, Chance & Todd Kirchner
    Hal Myers, Chance & Todd Kirchner
  • Dean Bright
    Dean Bright
  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson
  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood
  • Richard Sample, John Moran
    Richard Sample, John Moran
  • Matt Stockdale, John Dovarak
    Matt Stockdale, John Dovarak
  • Mike English, Jim Brown
    Mike English, Jim Brown
  • Heath Kasperbauer, Dean Bright
    Heath Kasperbauer, Dean Bright
  • George Sills
    George Sills
  • Kent Keeshan
    Kent Keeshan
  • Jerry Giddings
    Jerry Giddings
  • Tommy Keeshan
    Tommy Keeshan
  • Jeff Walters
    Jeff Walters
  • Brad Gray
    Brad Gray
  • Eric Jacobsen
    Eric Jacobsen
  • Gary Jacobsen
    Gary Jacobsen
  • Mike Yoder
    Mike Yoder
  • Monte Kloubec
    Monte Kloubec
  • Terry Elder
    Terry Elder
Bob & Ann Kisner
Bob & Ann Kisner


Tommy Keeshan!

Tommy Earned his 27 yard Pin  in the Krieghoff 100 HC August 8th at the Grand America with a score of 97!! Along with at least 13 Grand American Trophies!


Hunter Gehrke!

First 200 straight August 8/9, 2016 in the NRA Singles at the Grand American! Along with at least seven Grand American Trophies!

2016 AIM Grand Nationals 

Click here for Trophy Report

2016 Iowa State Shoot

Trophy Report                                     Iowa State Photos

  • Pat Lyman
    Pat Lyman
  • Todd & Chance Kirchner
    Todd & Chance Kirchner
  • Chase & Jeremy Moorehead
    Chase & Jeremy Moorehead
  • Jeff Walters
    Jeff Walters
  • Rod Goodrich
    Rod Goodrich
  • Pat Moore
    Pat Moore
  • John Kannegieter
    John Kannegieter
  • Brent Blanchard
    Brent Blanchard
  • Steve Winkey
    Steve Winkey
  • Jim Steffen
    Jim Steffen
  • Chase Mooerhead
    Chase Mooerhead
  • Randy Strauss
    Randy Strauss
  • Ryan Meier
    Ryan Meier
  • Bill Nelson
    Bill Nelson
  • Steve Winkey and Brayden Carlson
    Steve Winkey and Brayden Carlson
  • John Hughes
    John Hughes
  • R.G. Prucha
    R.G. Prucha
  • Denny Bigelow
    Denny Bigelow
  • Ron Hallsted
    Ron Hallsted
  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson
  • Bill Nelson
    Bill Nelson
  • Darell Phillips
    Darell Phillips
  • Roger Schwickerath
    Roger Schwickerath
  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts
  • Eric Locke & Jeremy Roberts
    Eric Locke & Jeremy Roberts
  • Mason Moore
    Mason Moore
  • Nate Wilson
    Nate Wilson
  • David Weinberg
    David Weinberg
  • Mark Schroll
    Mark Schroll
  • Jeff Walters
    Jeff Walters
  • Marcus Draves
    Marcus Draves
  • Jeremy Moorehead
    Jeremy Moorehead
  • Eric Jacobsen
    Eric Jacobsen
  • Perry Groen
    Perry Groen
  • Jeff Konken
    Jeff Konken
  • Deb Oelmann
    Deb Oelmann
  • Kim Fox
    Kim Fox
  • Bob Fuller
    Bob Fuller
  • Steve Manary
    Steve Manary
  • Mike (Doc) Haslor
    Mike (Doc) Haslor
  • Barrie Swinbank
    Barrie Swinbank
  • Mark Simkins
    Mark Simkins
  • Laurie & Ashton Hallsted
    Laurie & Ashton Hallsted
  • Ron Ballou
    Ron Ballou
  • Todd Ireland
    Todd Ireland
  • Kassi (Olsen) Salsbery
    Kassi (Olsen) Salsbery
  • Jason Sadowsky
    Jason Sadowsky
  • Brent Nelson
    Brent Nelson
  • Ken Rogers
    Ken Rogers
  • Kenny Brandt
    Kenny Brandt
  • Rick Lefevre
    Rick Lefevre
  • Cam Wilson
    Cam Wilson
  • Troy Christiansen
    Troy Christiansen
  • Pat Rooff
    Pat Rooff
  • Jared Hughes
    Jared Hughes
  • Johnnie Gilson
    Johnnie Gilson
  • Aaron Conner
    Aaron Conner
  • Terry Elder
    Terry Elder
  • John Garreton Jr
    John Garreton Jr
  • Amy Herold, Karen Goodrich
    Amy Herold, Karen Goodrich
  • Al King, Gina, Gearke, Brian Nelson, Miranda Fisch, Nate Fisch, Mike Fisch, Carson Feeney
    Al King, Gina, Gearke, Brian Nelson, Miranda Fisch, Nate Fisch, Mike Fisch, Carson Feeney
  • Chandler Ratcliffe
    Chandler Ratcliffe
  • Jim Lear
    Jim Lear
  • Dean Shananhan
    Dean Shananhan
  • Dick, Mickala, Dennis Wonick
    Dick, Mickala, Dennis Wonick
  • Jeff Darling
    Jeff Darling
  • Jacob  & Jeff Bailey
    Jacob & Jeff Bailey
  • Kevin O'Connor
    Kevin O'Connor
  • Louis Segebart
    Louis Segebart
  • Steve Manary
    Steve Manary
  • Mike Yoder
    Mike Yoder
  • Roger Christiansen
    Roger Christiansen
  • Linda & Don Sawvell
    Linda & Don Sawvell
  • Sarah Jordaon
    Sarah Jordaon
  • Terry Palmer
    Terry Palmer
  • Tom Hammond
    Tom Hammond
  • Rex Carr
    Rex Carr
  • Paul Carlson
    Paul Carlson
  • Richard Cottrell
    Richard Cottrell
  • Steve Glasgow
    Steve Glasgow
  • Doug Stanek
    Doug Stanek
  • Ken Lathrop
    Ken Lathrop
  • Lori Glasgow
    Lori Glasgow
  • Mike Little
    Mike Little
  • Steve Hejlick
    Steve Hejlick
  • Aly Haas
    Aly Haas
  • Arnold Schares, Gordy Peters, Darrel Phillips
    Arnold Schares, Gordy Peters, Darrel Phillips
  • Charlie Hartwig, Paul Ingalls
    Charlie Hartwig, Paul Ingalls
  • Don & Travis Wicklander
    Don & Travis Wicklander
  • Ben Dorland, Christofer Gardner
    Ben Dorland, Christofer Gardner
  • Hannah Vavrick, Cassi Salsbery
    Hannah Vavrick, Cassi Salsbery
  • Isaiah Phillips
    Isaiah Phillips
  • Joe Wasson
    Joe Wasson
  • Joseph Ingalls
    Joseph Ingalls
  • Jay Stowater, Dayne Crouch, Evan Ingalls, Trey Crouch
    Jay Stowater, Dayne Crouch, Evan Ingalls, Trey Crouch
  • Levi Milles, Parker Baugh
    Levi Milles, Parker Baugh
  • Monte Kloubec
    Monte Kloubec
  • Tim Gerdes
    Tim Gerdes
  • Rick Allely, Steve Hanson, Ted Baker
    Rick Allely, Steve Hanson, Ted Baker
  • John Dahl
    John Dahl
  • Austin Haas
    Austin Haas
  • Clark Moritz
    Clark Moritz
  • Dale Nelson
    Dale Nelson
  • Darwin Stock
    Darwin Stock
  • Dave Cary
    Dave Cary
  • Dave Hunold
    Dave Hunold
  • Dave Sywassink
    Dave Sywassink
  • Dayne Crouch
    Dayne Crouch
  • Don Wicklander
    Don Wicklander
  • Ed Schlotfeldt
    Ed Schlotfeldt
  • Emily Klein
    Emily Klein
  • Evan Ingalls
    Evan Ingalls
  • George Sills
    George Sills
  • Jay Stowater
    Jay Stowater
  • John Combs
    John Combs
  • Levi Mills
    Levi Mills
  • Rick Alley
    Rick Alley
  • Parker Baugh
    Parker Baugh
  • Mitch Burgin
    Mitch Burgin
  • Rick Cluney
    Rick Cluney
  • Smokey Washburn
    Smokey Washburn
  • Travis Wicklander
    Travis Wicklander
  • Trey Crouch
    Trey Crouch
  • Ted Baker
    Ted Baker
  • Steve Hanson
    Steve Hanson


Dale Stockdale

2016 Iowa State 

Hall of Fame


Randy Grilz

Earned his 27 yard pin 6/7/2016 at Vernal Rod and Gun Club Vernal, UT


Danny Meyne!

Danny shot at his 100,000 doubles target & started on the next 100,000 at Otter Creek Sportsman's Club, Cedar Rapids.

Trophy Winners
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2015 Iowa State Teams
*ATA All American Team

Top 12 Elite Team

Dale Stockdale 95.84*

Terry Palmer 95.13*

Dean Bright 94.75*

Frank Sick 94.75*

Edwin Schlotfeldt 94.62

Robert Doerres Jr. 93.28

Brent Blanchard 92.91

Justin Venner 92.75

Gary Lynn Stille 92.72

Austin Haas 92.51

Kevin Hartwig 92.35

Phil Thyer 92.22

Women's Team

Carly Berutti 91.10

Shelly Heitner 89.96*

Chancesity Kirchner 89.07

Senior Veteran's Team

Jim Pemble 92.92

Darwin Stock 91.74

Gary Ludwig 90.13


Jerry Pierce 92.10

Steve Maltzahn 91.41

Louis Segebart 90.72

Junior's Team

Treven Stallman 90.23

Marcus Draves 89.78

Evan Ingalls 88.76

Sub-Junior's Team

Tommy Keeshan 91.89

Grey Wilson 88.9

Bryce Wade 88.79

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