Iowa Shooter News

2014 Iowa State Teams

Top 12 Elite Team

Dale Stockdale, Frank Sick, Terry Palmer, Dean Bright, David Hull, Phil Thyer, GaryLynn Stille, Jerry Pierce, Austin Haas, Jeff Walters, Louis Segebart. Not picture due to setting traps Kevin Hartwig.

Lady's Team

Shelly Heitner & Bev Dominacki.

Not Pictured: Hannah Vavrick

Veteran's Team

Steve Maltzahn, Steve Winkey & Gracey Herman

Sr. Vet's Team

Lary Ludwig, Dennis Bigelow & Butch Dominacki

   Junior's Team

Austin Tiefenthaler & Joseph Ingalls

Sub Junior's Team

Anthony Vital & Tommy Keeshan.

Not Pictured: Hunter Eserhaut

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