Iowa Shooter News

2015 Grand Winners 

Tommy Keeshan

Event 5 HC:Sub Jr 3rd

Event 6 DBL:Sub Jr R/U

Event 12 DBL: Class C R/U

Event 13 HC: Sub Jr 3rd

White Flyer HOA 1000 prelim:Class A R/U

White Flyer HOA 1500: Class A R/U

ATA Super 500 DBLS:Class C Champion

ATA Super 500 HC: Sub Jr Champion

Larry Bumsted

Event 2 HC:Vet 3rd

Event 7 Singles:Vet Champion

Event 10 Singles:Vet R/U

Event 21 Singles Championship: Vet Champion

White Flyer HOA 1000 Prelim: Vet 3rd

White Flyer HOA 1000 Grand: Vet R/U

White Flyer HOA 1500: Vet 3rd

White Flyer HOA 2600: Vet 3rd

E-Z Go HAA Prelim:Vet Champion

E-Z Go HAA Grand:Vet 3rd

ATA Super 500 HC: Vet R/U

Zone Singles Vet Champion of Champions

Anthony Vitale

Event 4 Singles:Class B R/U

Event 10 Singles: Sub JR R/U

Event 12 DBL: Class D R/U

Event 20 DBL:Class D 3rd

Kent Keeshan

Event 2 HC: 21-22.5 Champion

Event 13 HC: 21-22.5 R/U

ATA Super 500 HC: 21-22.5 Champion

Dale Stockdale

Event 6 DBL:Sub Vet R/U

White Flyer HOA 1000 Prelim:Sub Vet R/U

White Flyer HOA 1500: Sub Vet 3rd

White Flyer HOA 2600:Sub Vet 3rd

ATA Super 500 DBLS: Sub Vet 3rd

Carly Berutti

Event 8 HC: Lady I Champion

Event 19 HC: Lady I Champion

Paul Ingalls

Event 8 HC: 23-24.5 R/U

Joseph Ingalls

Event 11 HC: Junior R/U

Gary Klepper

Event 11 HC: Sr Vet R/U

Dean Bright

Event 12 DBL:Sr Vet R/U

Event 14 DBL: Sr Vet R/U

E-Z Go HAA Grand: Sr. Vet 3rd


Shelly Heitner

Event 13 HC: Lady I 3rd Place

Terry Ochs

Event 15 Singles: Class D 5th Place

Bryce Wade

Event 19 HC: Sub Jr R/U

Mason Moore

Event 21 Singles Championship: AA 5th place

Frank Sick

Event 22 Doubles Championship:Sub Vet Champion

Zone Doubles Sub Vet Champion of Champions

Russ Stiener

Event 22 Doubles Championship: Class A 3rd Place

Dan Wood

Event 24 Grand American Handicap 25-26.5 5th Place

Gary Lynn Stille

EZ-Go HAA Prelim: AA 3rd Place

2015 Preliminary & Grand American Championship Aug 5-15

Event 1 Hodgdon Powder Singles (723 entries): 0
Event 2 Trap and Field Handicap (725 entries):21-22.5 Champion:Kent Keeshan 94/ Vet 3rd Place:Larry Bumsted 96
Event 3 Little Egypt Golf Cars Doubles(582 entries): 0
Event 4 MEC Shooting Sports Singles (832 entries): Class B R/U: Anthony Vital 99
Event 5 Trapshooting USA Handicap (887 entries): Sub Jr 3rd R/U: Tommy Keeshan 95,
Event 6 Zoli International Doubles (705): Sub Vet R/U: Dale Stockdale 98, Sub Jr R/U: Tommy Keeshan 95, 
Event 7 Sterling Cut Glass Singles (1031): Vet Champion: Larry Bumsted 100, Carry overs pending
Event 8 Gibson-Ricketts Handicap (1057): Lady I Champion:Carly Berutti 96, 23-24.5 R/U: Paul Ingalls 95
Event 9 Kolar Doubles: 0
Event 10 NRA 200 Singles (1353): Vet R/U: Larry Bumsted 200, Sub Junior R/U Anthony Vitale 199
Event 11 Krieghoff 100 Handicap(1366):Junior R/U Champion:Joseph Ingalls 97, Senior Vet R/U:Gary Klepper 98
Event 12 RIO Ammo Doubles (1052): Class C Champion: Tommy Keeshan 96, Class D Champion Anthony Vitale 97, Sr Vet R/U Dean Bright 98
Event 13 Blaser Handicap: Lady I 3rd Place: Shelly Heitner 95, Sub Jr 3rd Tommy Keeshan 97, 21-22.5 R/U Kent Keeshan 96
Event 14 Wenig Doubles: Sr Vet R/U Dean Bright 98
Event 15 Winchester AA Class Singles: Class D 5th Place:Terry Ochs, 
Event 16 Rob Taylor Handicap: 0
Event 17 White Flyer Class Doubles: 0
Event 18 Champion of Champions: 0
Event 19 Crow Shooting Supply Handicap: Lady I Champion: Carly Berutti 96, Sub Junior R/U: Bryce Wade 95
Event 20 Kabota Doubles:    Class D 3rd: Anthony Vitale
Event 21 Clay Target Championship (2010):Class AA 5th Place:Mason Moore. Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted 199
Event 22 Doubles Championship by Federal (1616) Class A 3rd:Russ Stiener 98, Sub Vet Champion: Frank Sick 100
Event 23 Ceasar Gueini Handicap (1972):0
Event 24 Remington Grand American Handicap (1972): 25-26.5 yard 4th Place:Dan Wood 95
White Flyer HOA 1000 Prelim Week:  Class A R/U: Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet R/U:Dale Stockdale, Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA 1000 Grand Week: Vet R/U: Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA  1500: Class A R/U:Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet 3rd:Dale Stockdale, Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA 2600: Sub Vet R/U:Dale Stockdale, Vet R/U:Larry Bumsted
EZ-GO HAA Prelim Week: Class AA 3rd:Gary Lynn Stille, Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted
EZ-GO HAA Grand Week: Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted, Sr Vet 3rd:Dean Bright
Winchester Super 500 SGLS:0
ATA Super 500 DBLS: Class C Champion:Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet 3rd:Dale Stockdale
ATA Super 500 HC: 21-22.5 yard Champion:Kent Keeshan,Sub Jr Champion:Tommy Keeshan, Vet R/U:Larry Bumsted
Zone Singles Champion of Champions: Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted
Zone Doubles Champion of Champions: Sub Vet Champion:Frank Sick


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