Iowa Shooter News

I will report on State Shoots, Satellite Grands, other large point shoots and Iowa gun club shoots I attend.  I also accept reports/results from anyone on any Iowa Gun Club ATA Shoots. 

Autumn Grand Nov 9-15
Tucson Trap and Skeet Club did a fabulous job hosting the Autumn Grand. Events started on time, prompt shoot offs and great trap line workers. Special thanks to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, great job on the trap line and most of all-Thank you for your service to our country!   Attendance was up from last year. TT&SC has a great "club house". There is a recreation room, restaurant (great food) and a bar. There was a Wednesday night dinner, TT&SC provided live music and dance on Friday night. Steak dinner Saturday night. New this year, the club built a vendor mall, east of the club house. Make your plans for the Spring Grand February 16-28, 2016 . Come out anytime, several Iowa shooters reside at TT&SC all winter. There is a lot of registered shooting and great targets. TT&SC also have Bunker Trap, Skeet, five stand and a top notch sporting clays course (Coyote Springs). More information check out and

A total of eight shooters from Iowa attended the Autumn Grand, Bev Dominacki took Lady II Champion in event 20 Class Doubles Championship. Way to go Bev! 

Preliminary Autumn Grand Nov 5th-8th

Three Iowa Shooter competed Preliminary week. Weather has been good, looking forward to Grand week. Begins Tuesday.

Missouri Fall Handicap Sep 26-Oct 4

Sixty five Iowa shooters attended the Missouri Fall Handicap!  Congratulations to all the winners. See the photo page for the winners pictures, I missed a couple guys.  MTA's grounds were all mowed up and ready for action. The grounds looked wonderful! Missouri State Shoot will be a week later than before, mark your calendars for May16-22, 2016. Summer of 2016 MTA hosts the SW Zone and their Diamond Handicap June 14-17 and Fall Handicap will be September 24- October 2, 2016.

Event 1 Singles- Wyatt Lindstrom 190 Sub Jr winner

Event 2 Handicap-Mike Jackson 95 27yrd winner, Wyatt Lindstron 95 Sub Jr winner

Event 3 Doubles-Wyatt Lindstrom 87 Sub Jr winner

Event 4 Handicap-Wyatt Lindstrom 96 Sub Jr winner

Event 5 Doubles-Wyatt Lindstrom Sub Jr winner

Event 6 Singles-Mike Jackson 99 Class A winner

Event 7 Handicap- none

Event 8 Doubles- none

Event 9 Singles-none

Event 10 Handicap-none

Event 11 Doubles-Mike Jackson 96 Class A c/o

Event 12 Singles-James Lear 97 D c/o

Event 13 Handicap-Rick Cluney 94 21-23.5 Yardage-forfeit

Event 14 Doubles-Mike Jackson 95 Class A winner, Bev Dominacki 86 Lady II c/o forfeit

Event 15 Singles Championship-Dave Bessine 198 Class A Forfeit, Josie Lonning 196 Lady I 3rd place winner, Karen Goodrich 192 Lady II Champion, David Hull 199 Sub Vet 3rd place winner.

Event 16 Handicap-none

Event 17 Handicap-Eric Clark 96  18-21.5 winner

Event 18 Non Reg-

Event 19 Handicap-Cody Burgin 95 Champion Runner up

Event 20 Handicap-Karen Goodrich 93 Lady II winner, Jim Lear 98 Sub Vet winner, Aly Haas 90 Junior winner

Event 21-Non Registered 

Event 22 Handicap Championship-Bob Kisner 95 21-23.5 yard Champion, Josie Lonning 92 Lady I Champion R/U, Karen Goodrich 90 Lady II Champion,  Aly Haas 93 Junior 3rd s/o (24)

Event 23 Doubles Championship-Mick Friedel 97 3rd place Champion, Heath Kasperbauer 94 Class C Champion, Carly Berutti 92 Lady I 3rd s/o, Karen Goodrich 86 Lady II Champion R/U

Event 24 Handicap-Cody Burgin 94 18-20.5 Champion, Josie Lonning 92 Lady I s/o.

HAA-Karen Goodrich Lady II


Heartland Grand Sep 1-7   

The 8th annual Heartland Grand was held at the Stockdale Gun Club, Ackley, Ia. Dale Stockdale has 17 traps, one is used for practice. The campgrounds is a park like setting and the clubhouse has inside and outside seating, even a waterfall in the landscaping.  Dale keeps things hopping, never a dull moment.  Shoot offs are called almost immediately after the last gun shot of the last event of the day. Every night he has something scheduled for the evening.

Tuesday (Jim Bradford ATA Hall of Fame Day) shooters and guest received a free pork chop dinner. Wednesday (Pat's Auto Salvage Day) was Porters on Main steak cook out, again it was free to shooters and guest.  New event for 2015, White Wolf 50 HC Targets. Auction was at  8:00 pm, then shooters shot fifty white non registered targets at night.  Thursday night was the famous Pump'em Doubles, trophies were six new pump guns awarded to each class (3A, 2A, A, B,C and D).  Friday's fun event of the evening was Friday Night Lights Wobble Event. Saturday evening several shooters went to West Fork Gun Club to shoot the Helice Tournament. Sunday was Porters on Main Steak Fry and Pat's Auto Salvage 60" TV Shoot Off.

Event entries were up, 1832 entries HOA and 649 HAA this year.  Shooters from all across the country was there- Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan to name a few. 

Mark your calendar for 2016, this is one shoot you shouldn't miss! 

For more information and complete trophy report, go to:

Tuesday: Jim Bradford ATA Hall of Fame Day. Iowa winners are: Event 1 Singles-Andrew Weber/Class B winner, Gerald Coonrod/Vetern winner. Event 2 HC-Roger Schwickerath/Champion R/U, Gerald Coonrod/4th Place. Event 3 Doubles:Kenny Brandt/AAA winner, Max Corey/C Class winner, James Joel McElhany/D Class winner,.

Wednesday: Pat's Auto Salvage Day.  Iowa winners are Event 4 Doubles-Kenny Brandt/AAA Class winner, Corey Max/C winner, Jerry Pierce/Sr Vet winner, Ramond Baltes/ Chair. Event 5 Singles-Nathan Wilson/D Class winner, Jerry Pierce Sr Vet winner.  Event 6 Handicap-Troy Christiansen Champion R/U.

Thursday: Event 8 Singles-Ed Schlotfeldt/3A Class winner, John Hughes/3A Class R/U, Brad Scheibe/2A R/U, Heath Kasperbauer/A Class winner, James Roeder/C Class winner, James Joel McElhaney/D Class winner. Event 9 HC: Gary Lynn Stille/Sub Vet winner, Larry Bumsted/ Sr Vet winner. Event 10 Doubles:Joe Needham/A Class R/U, Max Corey/C Class R/U, Dean Bright/Sr Vet winner. 

Friday:Event 12 Class Doubles-Randy Strauss/C Class winner, Brad Johnson/C Class R/U,Kolton Manning/D Class R/U. Shelly Heitner/Lady 1 R/U, Larry Bumsted/Sr Vet Champion, Dean Bright/Sr Vet R/U.   Event 13 Class Singles-Zach Scheibe/3A Class winner, Brent Blanch/A Class R/U, Randy Ciavarelli/C Class Winner, Roger Schwickerath/C Class R/U, Terry Ochs/D Class Winner, Jerry Pierce/Sr Vet winner.   Event 14 Handicap: John Hughes/ 3rd Place, Mark Hunt/ 7th Place, Kolton Manning/ Junior winner.

Saturday:Event 16 Doubles Championship-Carl Chadwell/3A Class Winner, Brent Blanchard/A Class winner, Heath Kasperbauer/B Class R/U, Bob Fuller/D Class R/U, Jerry Pierce/Sr. Vet winner, Larry Bumsted/Sr. Vet R/U, Raymond Bates/Chair winner,Kenneth Lloyd/Chair R/U.  Event 17 Nitro Handicap-JohnHughes/Champion R/U, Kent Keeshan/4th, Kenny Brandt/5th, Joe Needham/8th, Carly Berutti/Lady I R/U, Kolton Manning/Jr R/U, Loyal Siebrands/Sr. Vet R/U, Raymond Bates/Chair Winner. Event 18 Singles-Zack Schieb/Champion, Joe Needham/AA Class winner, Steve Hartmann/A Class winner, Greg Benscoter/Vet winner, Kenneth Lloyd/Chair winner

Sunday:Event 19 Singles Championship: Zach Scheibe 200 Singles Champion! Still waiting for results. Event 20 HC: Kolton Manning/Champion/Kent Keeshan/4th place, Randy Ciavarelli/5th place Austin Tiefenhaler/Jr Gold winner, Kenneth Lloyd/Chair winner..

Monday:Event 21 Singles: Bobby Doerres/AA Class winner, Eric Jacobseon/A Class winner, David Trewin/Bclass winner, Cody Burgin/C class winner, David Cary/D Class winner.Event 22 Handicap Championship: David Cary 100 Handicap Champion, Mark Hunt/Champion R/U, Evan Ingalls/5th place, Kyle Berens/6th place, Cody Burgin/8th place, Jeff Konken/9th place, John Kannegator/10th place, Kenny Brandt/11th place, Chance Kirchner/Lady I R/U, Kolton Manning/Junior winner, Nathon Wilson/Jr R/U, Rick LaFevre/Vet winner, Jim Christiansen/Sr Vet R/U, Raymond Baltes/Chair.

HAA: Kolton Manning/A Class winner, Mark Hunt/C Class winner, Michael Dorland/D Class winner, Dean Bright/Sr Vet winner, Raymon Baltes/Chair winner.


2015 Preliminary  & Grand American Championship Aug 5-15
Event 1 Hodgdon Powder Singles (723 entries): 0
Event 2 Trap and Field Handicap (725 entries):21-22.5 Champion:Kent Keeshan 94/ Vet 3rd Place:Larry Bumsted 96
Event 3 Little Egypt Golf Cars Doubles(582 entries): 0
Event 4 MEC Shooting Sports Singles (832 entries): Class B R/U: Anthony Vital 99
Event 5 Trapshooting USA Handicap (887 entries): Sub Jr 3rd R/U: Tommy Keeshan 95,
Event 6 Zoli International Doubles (705): Sub Vet R/U: Dale Stockdale 98, Sub Jr R/U: Tommy Keeshan 95, 
Event 7 Sterling Cut Glass Singles (1031): Vet Champion: Larry Bumsted 100
Event 8 Gibson-Ricketts Handicap (1057): Lady I Champion:Carly Berutti 96, 23-24.5 R/U: Paul Ingalls 95
Event 9 Kolar Doubles: 0
Event 10 NRA 200 Singles (1353): Vet R/U: Larry Bumsted 200, Sub Junior R/U Anthony Vitale 199
Event 11 Krieghoff 100 Handicap(1366):Junior R/U Champion:Joseph Ingalls 97, Senior Vet R/U:Gary Klepper 98
Event 12 RIO Ammo Doubles (1052): Class C Champion: Tommy Keeshan 96, Class D Champion Anthony Vitale 97, Sr Vet R/U Dean Bright 98
Event 13 Blaser Handicap: Lady I 3rd Place: Shelly Heitner 95, Sub Jr 3rd Tommy Keeshan 97, 21-22.5 R/U Kent Keeshan 96
Event 14 Wenig Doubles: Sr Vet R/U Dean Bright 98
Event 15 Winchester AA Class Singles: Class D 5th Place:Terry Ochs
Event 16 Rob Taylor Handicap: 0
Event 17 White Flyer Class Doubles: 0
Event 18 Champion of Champions: 0
Event 19 Crow Shooting Supply Handicap: Lady I Champion: Carly Berutti 96, Sub Junior R/U: Bryce Wade 95
Event 20 Kabota Doubles:  Class D 3rd: Anthony Vitale
Event 21 Clay Target Championship (2010):  Class AA 5th Place:Mason Moore. Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted 199
Event 22 Doubles Championship by Federal (1616) Class A 3rd:Russ Stiener 98, Sub Vet Champion: Frank Sick 100
Event 23 Ceasar Gueini Handicap (1972):0
Event 24 Remington Grand American Handicap (1972): 25-26.5 yard 4th Place:Dan Wood 95
White Flyer HOA 1000 Prelim Week:  Class A R/U: Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet R/U:Dale Stockdale, Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA 1000 Grand Week: Vet R/U: Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA  1500: Class A R/U:Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet 3rd:Dale Stockdale, Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted
White Flyer HOA 2600: Sub Vet R/U:Dale Stockdale, Vet R/U:Larry Bumsted
EZ-GO HAA Prelim Week: Class AA 3rd:Gary Lynn Stille, Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted
EZ-GO HAA Grand Week: Vet 3rd:Larry Bumsted, Sr Vet 3rd:Dean Bright
Winchester Super 500 SGLS:0
ATA Super 500 DBLS: Class C Champion:Tommy Keeshan, Sub Vet 3rd:Dale Stockdale
ATA Super 500 HC: 21-22.5 yard Champion:Kent Keeshan,Sub Jr Champion:Tommy Keeshan, Vet R/U:Larry Bumsted
Zone Singles Champion of Champions: Vet Champion:Larry Bumsted
Zone Doubles Champion of Champions: Sub Vet Champion:Frank Sick

2015 AIM Grand Championship Aug 1-4 

I do not have have all of the winners at this time, I will list the ones I do have.Any information would be appreciated, I have to do some digging around to get results. 

Handicap751 shooters: 

Calvin Carter 99 Event Champion

Wyatt Lindstrom 91 Presub Jr 8th

Eric Long 97 Sub Jr 6th

Singles 3rd Place Over All Sub Jr Team: North Scott Lancer Team: Eric Long, Keegan McCoy, Jacob Dies, Tommy Keeshan and Jaydon Biles.

Central Zone July 30-Aug 2
Central Zone is held at eight different locations. All locations are competing as one, via phone/internet.  Each club has "club trophies" and some has there own club events.  The Central Zone is 10 states-ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, IL, MI, IN and OH. Locations are Brittany Shooting Park, IL, Evansville Gun Club, IN, Stockdale Gun Club, IA, Alexandria Shooting Park, MN, Nebraska State Sportsman, NE, North Lawrence Fish and Game, OH, Crooks Gun Club, SD and Janesville Conservation Club,WI. 

Seventy Three Iowans competed in the Central Zone.  Stockdale Gun Club (IA) had 48 Iowa shooters, Brittany (IL) had 19, Crooks (SD) had 5 and Nebraska State Sportsman had 1.  Central Zone Winners:

Event 1 Class Singles-Dale Stockdale 100 SubVet R/U
Event 2 Handicap-Anthony Vital 96 Sub Jr Champion, Dean Bright 96 Sr. Vet Champion
Event 3 Class Doubles- Dale Stockdale 98 sub vet r/u.
Event 4 Championship Singles- Larry Bumsted 199 Vet Champion, Raymond Baltes Chair R/U.
Event 5 Championship Doubles- Mick Fiedel 99 3rd, Carly Berutti 97 LD I R/U, Frank Sick 99 Sub Vet Champion, 
                    Raymond Baltes 77 Chair R/U.
Event 6 Championship Handicap-Bradley Gray 97 4th, Michael Dorland 97 6th, Carly Berutti 94 Lady I R/U, 
                    Aly Haas 93 Lady I 3rd, Frank Sick 97 Sub Vet Champion, Raymond Baltes 78 Chair R/U.
HAA-Frank Sick Champion, John Hughes 3rd Place, Carly Berutti Lady I, Larry Bumsted Vet R/U.
HOA-Dale Stockdale Sub Vet R/U.

Great job shooters! See you at the Grand.

Iowa State Shoot July 21-26   Go to Iowa State Page for the report and results.

South Dakota State Shoot July 15-19

Crooks Gun club hosted the 2015 South Dakota State Shoot July 15-19.  Very nice club, huge club house, good food and outstanding hospitality. Saturday Night they had fireworks at the club-the good ones!  Great show.  I would like to compliment the trap help, they did a great job scoring and they worked extremely hard all day long. Next year the state shoot will be held in Mitchell. For detailed scores, trophy reports, etc. you can go to Thank you Liz for up to date results.

61 Iowa Shooters. Congratulations to Evan Ingalls, he broke his first 100 Straight on the first 100 of the Singles Championship, he followed with a 97 winning Junior Champion outright. Evan brought home several trophies and some real estate. Nice shooting Evan!! Sunday's handicap was one by Iowa Sub Jr Grey Wilson with a lone 98, which was high over the field! Nice shooting!

Other winners bringing home trophies were: Dean Bright, David Dean, Heath Kasperbauer, Grey Wilson, Bobby Doerres, Joe Needham, Tim Quade, Taylor Nelson, Paul Ingalls, Lindsy Kaufmann, Frank Sick, Hal Myers, Richard Sample, Mitch Burgin, Kathleen Johnson. Check out the pictures in Photo Gallery!

Wisconsin State Shoot July 14-19 

Wisconsin State Shoot is now in the books. Iowa was represented by five Iowa shooters. Terry Palmer is one of two 200's,  Terry also won Doubles Champ Sub Vet,HAA Sub Vet r/u,  along with several other events. Great Shooting Terry!  Ryan Berry placed in Junior Gold Category at least three events and received a punch, Ryan Berry took 3rd in Friday's Handicap.  I have no results of Sunday Handicap Championship, HAA or HOA.  

2015 Minnesota State Shoot July 7-12

Minnesota State Shoot July 7-12. Minnesota Trapshooting Association held their state shoot at Alexandria Shooting Park. Alexandria Shooting park has great camping, club house and even a laundry room. The grounds were fantastic, as well as the workers. The Scorekeepers did a wonderful job. Tuesday MTA offered a free pork loin supper, it was delicious!

Twenty four Iowans attended the shoot. Friday July 10th, Matt Stockdale made the 27 yard line. Congratulations Matt!

Winners: Event 4 singles Shelly Heitner LI, Event 6 Doubles Heitner Class B, Kathy Johnson Class D, Event 8 Handicap Larry Bumsted Vet, Gary Ludwig SrVet, event 9 doubles Frank Sick Sub Vet, Dean Bright SrVet,.

Event 11 Doubles Championship:Shelly Heitner LI, Dale Stockdale Sub Vet. 

Event 12 Singles Championship Dean Bright SV, Alan Nicholas Class AA, Pat Moore Class B r/u. 

Event 13 Handicap Championship TBA- I do not have the results yet. HAA & HOA TBA- I do not have the results yet. I will have it updated soon as I get the updated list.

Check out the pictures on the Photo Gallery page. I only missed three shooters; I plan on catching them in South Dakota.

2015 Otter Creek 4th of July $1000.00 Shoot:Otter Creek Sportsman Club, Cedar Rapids Iowa Fourth of July Shoot was fantastic! The weather was perfect in my opinion, sunny, calm wind and decent temperatures. Otter Creek throws great targets, great back ground and the members really welcome there guest. The employees are terrific, the did a remarkable job!

Friday was Marathon targets. The more you shoot, the cheaper they get! Several people shot and shot and shot. Otter Creek threw total of 19,500 Marathon targets

Saturday was Cabela’s Shoot Day. 16 year old Treven Stallman broke his first 100 straight-way to go! 

Singles 50 shooters: Cabela's Gift card winners:

Champion Monte Kloubec 100

Class AA John Hughes 100

Class A Treven Stallman 100

Class B Don Hallsted 99

Class C Alex Spears 96

Handicap 80 Shooters:Cabela's Gift card winners:

Champion Phil Thyer 98

18-21.5 Paul Carlson 97

22-24.5 Darwin Stock 97

25-27 Scott Messenger 97

Doubles 53 shooters :Cabela's Gift card winners:

Champion Harlan Campbell 98

Class A John Hughes 97

Class B Robert Blin 94

Class C Clarence Bahmler

High on 200 Special Category Cabela's Gift card winners:

Junior Hunter Gehrke 193

Lady Carly Berutti 193

Vetern Phil Thyer 197

Saturday Shooters were served a free meal, cake and ice cream. YUM! The food was fantastic, compliments to Dean Cole with his state of the art grill, his chicken and pork was AWESOME!!!

Sunday was the big day. Singles was first followed by the $1000 Handicap. Talk about prize money and shells, in addition to the $1000.00, they award flats of shells to yardage -4 places and category. Not “a” flat- a lot of flats 2 minimum, 7 max! $100.00 for 100 straight! Plus there is added money $1350 thanks to Midwest Shooting Supply, Sunset Distributers, LTD, Scheels, Ron Ballou, John Dvorak, Bob Fuller, Gayle Lawson, Kevin O’Conner, RG Prucha, Tanner Russo, Jim Simon, Mary Stalker, Paul Tranter. Thanks Guys!

Sunday, another picture perfect day,

Singles: 93 shooters

Class AA Monte Kloubec, Kevin Hartwig, John Hughes, Harlan Campbell, Tal Seger all 100's

Class A Danny Meyne, Greg Benscooter 100's

Class B James Steffen 99, Ann Kisner 98, David Sywassink 98

Class C Austin Louck 97, Terry Wohlford 95

Handicap 90 shooters:

Champion Harlan Campbell 99

Runner Up Treven Stallman 98

Third Place Rodney Johnson 97

Fourth Place (added Money) Austin Tiefenhaler, Hunter Gehrke, Kevin O'Connor, Jesse Bremer 96

18-21.5 yards: 1st-Hunter Gehrke96, 2nd/3rd Nick Kasperbauer 95, 2nd/3rd David Sywassink 95, 4th Preston Wade 94

22-24.5 yards: 1st/2nd Austin Teifenhaler 96,  1st/2nd Kevin O'Connor 96, 3rd Roland Segar 95, 4th Gary Dipple 93

25-27 yard: 1st Jesse Bremer 96, 2nd/3rd Brent Blanchard 94,  2nd/3rd Justin Venner 94, 4th Kenny Brandt 93, 4th Steve Winkey 93.

Special Category:

Junior: Sam Fowler 92

Lady: Ann Kisner 92

Vetern: Phil Thyer 92

For more information go to 

Check out the pictures on the Photo page.

We had a great time, Thank you Otter Creek!!!!!!!

2015 KY, MI, WY, June 29-July 5:Several State shoots were going on this week-Kentucky, Michigan, Wyoming, Texas and Virginia. Trophy winners were Shelly Heitner, KY State, Dale Stockdale, MI State and Dean Bright and Randy Grilz, WY State Shoot. Iowa didn't make it to TX or VA.

2015 Nebraska State Shoot June 24-28:Twenty nine Iowa shooter shot the 2015 Nebraska State Shoot. I was not there, and I have not found a trophy list as of today. Some of the winners were Dave Hanneman, Mike Yoder, Richard Wonick, Denny Dozark, Shelly Heitner, Frank Sick, Steven Maltzhan, Dean Bright. Check back for the complete list of winners! I know there are more winners.

2015 Illinois State Shoot June 16-21: Illinois once again put on a great State Shoot, even with Mother Nature’s challenges. Rain, rain and more rain. Illinois Trapshoot is a great shoot to attend. They throw great targets, great background, LOTS of trophies for Out of State and they serve a great meal on Saturday night-FREE!!! Brittany Shooting Park host the event in Bunker Hill, Il.

Twenty six Iowans shot the program. Austin Haas broke a 96 on Fridays Handicap to put him on the back fence, he then followed with a 98 on Sunday Handicap Championship which earned him Sub Jr. title. Chance Kirchner broke her first 100 straight on the 1st half of the Singles Championship, followed with a 96 to claim Class A. Winners though out the week include the following:

I would like to recognize winners of the Championship events: Joseph Needham, Bobby Doerres, Shelly Heitner, Bev Dominacki, Anthony Vitale, Mike Jackson, Terry Palmer, Kathy Johnson, Bryce Wade, Dean Bright, Austin Haas, Carly Berutti, Hunter Eserhaut, Chance Kirchner, Mick Friedel, Ann Kisner, Drake Eserhaut.

Doubles Campionship: Mick Friedel Class AA r/u, Bryce Wade Class D, Carly Berutti Lady I, Shelly Heitner Lady I r/u, Dean Bright SV r/u, Austin Haas Sub Jr r/u.

Singles Championsip: Chance Kirchner Class A, Anthony Vital Class C, Carly Berutti LadyI, Shelly Heitner Lady I r/u, Terry Palmer Sub Vet r/u.

Handicap Championship: Bryce Wade (96) 4th place, Carly Berutti 98 Lady I, Ann Kisner (95) Lady II, Austin Haas 98 Sub Jr, Drake Eserhaut (95) Jr r/u

High All Around: Carly Berutti LadyI, Shelly Heitner Lady ! r/u, Austin Haas Sub Jr.

High Over All: Shelly Heitner Lady I, Bev Dominacki Lady II, Anthony Vitale Sub Jr r/u.

I hope I did not miss anyone, if I did please let me know. I do my best with what resources I have to work with.

2015 Western Grand June 9-14:. Western Grand is hosted by Vernal Rod and Gun Club in Vernal, Utah. Vernal Gun Club is one of the most famous Gun Clubs. One of these days we will make it out there. If you don’t like “fun” don’t go. Fun Lovers Only! Not only do they have a great ATA Satillite Grand, they offer several other shooting activities and entertainment. Ask any of the six Iowa shooters about Vernal Rod and Gun Club! Alan Nichols, Danny McCoy, Danny Meyne, Gary Jacobsen, Mike Yoder and Randy Grilz. Winners were: Alan Nichols, Gary Jacobsen, Danny Meyne.

2015 Kansas State June 8-14:

I have not been to Kansas State Shoot, but all I hear is good reveiws. If you are chaseing points or just like the feeling of winning/placeing, KTA is the place to go. They offer a trophy to winners, a silver pin for second and a bronze for third.

Kansas State shoot had seven Iowa competitors. Trophy and pin winners were: Shelly Heitner, Terry Palmer, Steve Winkey and Dale Stockdale.  

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