Iowa Shooter News

Congratulations to the Trophy Winners!!!

Tommy Keeshan

Hunter Gehrke

Treven Stallman

Dale Stockdale

Dean Bright

Paul Ingalls

Andy Weber

Marcus Draves

Larry Bumsted

Allen Huseboe

Grand Week

White Flyer 2600 HOA Champion

Class C Champion Tommy Keeshan 2493

ATA 1000 HOA presented by Prized Possessions 

Class B Champion Treven Stallman 956

Sub JR Champion Tommy Keeshan 963

Event 23 Caesar Guerini Prelim HC 

Sub Jr R/U Tommy Keeshan 96

Event 19 Clever Ammunition Handicap 1823 entrie:

Sub Jr R/U Tommy Keeshan 95

Event 18 Champion of Champions 205 entries:

Sub Jr R/U Tommy Keeshan 100 

Event 17 Down Range Class Doubles 1437 entries:

Class B Champion Allen Huseboe 97

Class C Champion Treven Stallman 98

Sr Vet Champion Dean Bright 100

Event 15 Winchester Class Singles 1720 Entries:

Class B Champion Treven Stallman 199

Preliminary Week 

Millennium Luxury Coaches 500 Handicap

23-24.5 R/U Paul Ingalls 470

23-24.5 3rd Marcus Draves 469

Junior Champion Hunter Gehrke 482

ATA Super 500 Doubles

Class B R/U Tommy Keeshan 478

Sr Vet 3rd Larry Bumsted 478

Winchester Super 500 Singles 

Class C R/U Tommy Keeshan 489

EZ-GO HAA Preliminary

Class B Champion Tommy Keeshan 386

Sub Vet 3rd Dale Stockdale 391

Sr Vet Champion Dean Bright 392

White Flyer 1500 HOA

Class C Champion Tommy Keeshan 1432

ATA Preliminary 1000 HOA 

Class AA Hunter Gehrke 966

Sub Jr 3rd Tommy Keeshan 953

Sub Vet R/U Dale Stockdale 965

Event 14 Wenig Doubles 1173 entries:

Treven Stallman 97 Class C R/U Champion

Event 13 Blaser Handicap 1440 entries:

Hunter Gehrke 97 Jr 3rd place Champion

Event 12 Rio Ammo Doubles1060 Entries:

Dean Bright 99 Sr Vet Champion

Larry Bumsted 98 Sr Vet R/U

Dale Stockdale 97 Sub Vet R/U

Event 11 Krieghoff 100 Handicap 1330 Entries:

Dale Stockdale 97 Sub Vet 3rd Place Champion

Tommy Keeshan 97 25-25.5 yard Champion

Andy Weber 96 Sr Vet Champion

Event 10 NRA Singles 1364 entries:

Hunter Gehrke 200 Jr R/U

Event 9 Kolar Doubles 820 entries:

Paul Ingalls 95 Class C 3rd Place Champion

Event 7 Sterling Glass Silver Singles 1090 entries:

Tommy Keeshan 100 Sub Jr 3rd

Event 6 Zoli International Doubles 749 entries:

Event 5 Trap Shooting USA Handicap

Hunter Gehrke 96 23-24.5 Runner Up Champion

Paul Ingalls 96 23-24.5 Third Place Champion

Event 4 Mec Shooting Sports Singles 928 entries:

Event 3 Little Egypt Doubles 700 entries:

Hunter Gehrke 98 Class A Champion

Tommy Keeshan 97 Class B Champion

Event 2 Trap and Field Handicap 843 entries:

Hunter Gehrke 96 Junior 3rd place Champion

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