Iowa Shooter News

I will report on State Shoots, Satellite Grands, other large point shoots and Iowa gun club shoots I attend.  I also accept reports/results from anyone on any Iowa Gun Club ATA Shoots. 

Iowa Gun Club Results on "IA Gun Club Info" page.

2016 Autumn Grand

Preliminary Autumn Grand: 7 Iowa Entries: 

Event 3 Class Doubles: Ron Ballou 95 Class D

Event 6 Tucson Singles Championship: Randy Strauss 198 Class A Champion, Terry Palmer 199 Vet R/U

Event 8 Tucson Handicap Championship: Terry Palmer 98 Champion, Ron Ballou 98 Sub Vet Champion.

Autumn Grand: 12 Iowa Entries

Event 10 Preliminary HC: Terry Palmer 98 c/o.

Event 11 Premier Singles: Danny Meyne 98 Class A, Mike English 92 Class D

Event 13 Yuma Doubles: John Halford 98 Class A

Event 17 Double Adobe Doubles:Danny Meyne 96 Class AA

Event 22 Tucson Singles Championship  John Halford 198 Vet R/U

HOA Danny Meyne 1127 Class A

HAA John Halford 384 Class A

2016 Fall Handicap

Iowa Entries:66

Event 1 200 Singles: Eric Clark 192 Class C  Champion

Event 2 Handicap: Eric Clark 96 18-20.5 yard Champion

Ecent 3 Doubles: 0

Event 4 Handicap: Mike Jackson 94 27 yard Champion

Event 5 Doubles: Chance Kirchner 85 Lady Champion

Event 6 Singles: 0

Event 7 Handicap: Ron Flake 92 Sr Vet Champion

Event 8 Doubles:0

Event 9 Singles: Kathy Johnson 95 Lady Champion

Event 10 Handicap: Jim Lear 97 21-23.5 yard Champion

Event 11 Doubles: Chance Kirchner 72 Lady Champion

Event 12 Singles: Jim Lear 99 Sub Vet Champion, Chance Kirchner 94 Lady I standby

Event 13 Handicap: Eric Clark 93 18-20.5 Standby

Event 14 Doubles: Heath Kasperbauer 95 Class B Champion

Event 15 Lake Ozark HC:  Wayne Friesen 93 21-23.5 Champion, Ron Peters 92 24-26.5 Champion, Hal Myers 91 27 yard R/U, Chance Kirchner 87 Lady I 3rd, Rick Kalsow 91 Vet R/U

Event 17 MO Mule HC: Mitch Burgin 93 24-26.5 R/U, Lori Glasgow 87 Lady I 3rd

Event 18 Bagnel Dam HC: Lori Glasgow 93 Lady I Champion, Chance Kirchner 91 Lady I r/u, Jim Lear 93 Sub Vet r/u, Rick Kalsow 93 3rd Vet.

Event 20 Bob Graf HC: Jim Lear 97 Event Champion, Chance Kirchner 92 Lady I r/u, Rick Kalsow 94 Vet Champion, Andy Johansen 95 Sr Vet r/u

Event 21 Singles Championship:  Monte Kloubec 200 Event Champion, Mick Friedel 200 Event Champion r/u, Ryan Meier 196 Class A r/u, Karen Goodrich 191 Lady II r/u, Bryce Wade 197 Sub Jr Champion

Event 22 BJ Wilson Memorial HC:  Jeff Konken 96 21-23.5 Champion r/u, Chance Kirchner 91 Lady I 3rd

Event 23 Doubles Championship: Mick Friedel 96 AAA Champion, Alan Nicholas 93 A 3rd, Cody Burgin 97 C Champion, Gary Stille 94 Sub Vet 3rd

Event 24 Handicap Championship: Mick Friedel 94 27 yard Champion, Aly Haas 94 Lady I r/u, Karen Goodrich 90 Lady II 3rd, Gary Stille 95 SubVet 3rd.

HOA Jim Lear 1084 Class C
Rick Kalsow 377 Class C, Karen Goodrich 366 Lady II, Gary Stille 386 SubVet

2016 Heartland Grand
For complete trophy list click here:

Iowa Entries:171

Congratulations to Gary Stille! 
Heartland Grand 2016 Singles Championship Champion!!!!
Gary was the lone 200 on Sunday

Tuesday Jim Bradford Day:
Event 1 Singles: Jim Kannegieter 99 Class A,Gerold Giddings 98 Class B, Shelly Heitner Lady II, Raymond Baltes 78 Chair.
Event 2 Handicap:John Kannegieter 91 5th, Terry Wohlford 91 6th, Ken Brandt 92 Sub Vet, Ray Baltes 67 Chair
Event 3 Doubles:Randy Grilz 89 Class C, Shelly Heitner Lady II, Ken Brandt 98 Sub Vet, Jerry Pierce 98 SR Vet, Ray Baltes 67 Chair

Wednesday Pat's Auto Salvage Day

Event 4 Doubles: Shelly Heitner 91 Lady II, John Hughes 99 Vet, Ray Baltes 69 Chair

Event 5 Singles: Joe Needham 99 Class AA, Thomas Thompson 97 Class D, Chance Kirchner 96 Lady I, Shelly Heitner 96 Lady II, Ray Baltes 83 Chair

Event 6 Handicap:Pat Roof 96 Champion, Jeff Konken 93 4th, Nathon Wilson 88 Jr Gold, Ray Baltes 75 Chair


Event  8 Midland Power Singles:Mark Bunt 99 Class A, Brad Johnson 97 Class c, Bob Fuller Class C r/u, David Weinberg 92 Class D, Greg Terry 92 Class D r/u, Ken Brandt 100 Sub Vet, Jerry Pierce 99 Sr Vet.

Event 9 Iowa Grill Handicap: Brent Blanchard 92 7th, Bob Fuller 92 8th, Dean Bright 90 Sr Vet.

Event 10 The Third Street Doubles: Heath Kasperbauer 95 Class B, John Hughes 97 Vet, Larry Bumsted 98 Sr Vet


Event 12 Class Doubles: Shelly Heitner 92 Lady II

Event 13 Class Singles: Bill Nelson 99 Class A, Justin Venner 98 Class A r/u, Mike Isbrand 98 Class c r/u, Robert Arend 96 Class D r/u, Shelly Heitner 100 Lady II, Gary Stille 100 Sub Vet, Kenny Brandt 100 Sub Vet r/u, Jerry Pierce 100 Sr Vet, Dean Bright Sr Vet r/u

Event 14 Iowa Corn Handicap: Mike Jackson 96 Champion, Rick Allely 96 4th, Terry Ochs 94 Vet


Event 16 Heartland Grand Doubles Championship: Ed Schlotfeldt 98 Class AA, Shelly Heitner 93 Lady II, Tommy Keeshan 98 Sub Jr.

Event 17 Remington Nitro Handicap: Troy Christensen 95 8th, Zach Scheibe 95 9th, Barry Swinbank 95 10th, Nathan Wilson 95 Jr Gold, Hunter Block 96 Sub Jr, Loyal Siebrands 95 Sr Vet.

Event 18 Mallory Stanton Singles: Jesse Bremer 100 Champion R/U, Bill Stuve 99 Class AA, Justin Venner 99 Class A, Cody Burgin 99 Class B, Shelly Heitner 100 Lady II, Hunter Gerhke 100 Jr Gold. 


Event 19 Heartland Grand Singles Championship: Gary Stille 200 Champion, Dennis Klocke 194 Class C r/u, Thomas Thompson 192 Class D r/u, Shelly Heitner 196 Lady II, Hunter Block 194 Sub Jr r/u.

Event 20 Warm up Handicap:Taylor Logan 95 6th, Evan Ingalls 95 6th, Zach Sceibe 94 9th, Tommy Keeshan 95 Sub Jr, Matt Myers 95 Sub Vet.


Event 21 Farwell Singles: Brent Blanchard 98 Class A, Gerold Giddings 98 Class B, Brian Feeney 96 Class D, Shelly Heitner 99 Lady II

Event 22 Heartland Grand Handicap Championship: Justin Oneal 97 5th, Brian Nelson 96 6th, Taylor Nelson 96 7th, Evan Ingalls 95 12th, Hunter Block 94 Sub Jr r/u, Kenny Brandt 95 Sub Vet, John Turk 96 Vet r/u

HAA: Justin Venner 381 Class A, Shelly Heitner 368 Lady Ii

HOA:  Shelly Heitner 996 Lady I

2016 South Dakota State Shoot

Iowa Entries:37

Event 5 Handicap: Rick Kalsow 94 Champion, Dean Bright 89 SV Champion, Christofer Gardner 88 18-21.5 yrd Champion

Event 6 Doubles: Dean Bright 98 SrVet Champion, Dave Bessine 92 Sub Vet Champion, Rick Kalsow 89 Class B Champion

Event 7 Doubles: Frank Sick 95 SubVet Champion, Christofer Gardner 93 SubJr Champion, Evan Ingals 88 Class D Champion

Event 8 Singles: Frank Sick 100 C/O

Event 9 Handicap: Frank Sick 94 SubVet Champion, Paul Molitor 96 18-21.5 yard Champion

Event 10 Singles Championship: Frank Sick 198 SubVet Champion, Cody Burgin 189 Class C Champion, Brian Feeney 184 Class C R/U

Event 11 Handicap Championship: Mitch Burgin 94 Champion R/U, Michael Dorland 91 18-21.5 yard Champion, Loyal Siebrands 92 Sr Vet Champion, Evan Ingalls 90 Jr 3rd, Frank Sick 91 Sub Vet 3rd

HAA: Frank Sick 384 Sub Vet Champion, Cody Burgin 277 Class C Champion

2016 Wisconsin State Shoot

Iowa Entries:10

Event 2 Handicap: Terry Palmer 97 s/o

Event 8 Class Singles: Joe Needham 195 Sub Vet C/O

Event 9 Handicap: Terry Graham 95 24-25.5 yard Champion

Event 10 Doubles Championship: Carly Berutti 93 Lady I 3rd

Event 11 Singles Championship: Tom Berry 191 Class D r/u

2016 Minnesota State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 16

Event 4 Singles: Shelly Heitner 95 Lady I Champion, Kathy Johnson 93 Lady I R/U, Dale Stockdale 98 Sub Vet R/U C/O

Event 5 Handicap: Dale Stockdale 94 Subvet S/O

Event 6 Doubles: Dale Stockdale 99 SubVet Champion

Event 7 Singles: Shelly Heitner 97 Lady I R/U

Event 9 Doubles: Shelly Heitner 88 Lady I R/U. Dale Stockdale 96 Sub Vet Champion 

Event 10 Handicap: Dean Bright 89 SrVet R/U, Dale Stockdale 90 SubVet R/U

Event 11 Doubles Championship: Shelly Heitner 90 Lady I R/U. Dale Stockdale 94 Sub Vet Champion, Dean Bright 94 SrVet Champion

Event 12 Singles Championship: Dale Stockdale 200 SubVet Champion, Shelly Heitner 196 Lady I  R/U, Dean Bright SrVet Champion, Mitch Burgin 196 Class A Champion

Event 14 Handicap Championship: Dale Stockdale 99 Sub Vet Champion, Mitch Burgin 98 3rd place Champion, Cody Burgin 97 19-22 yard Champion, Dean Bright 95 SrVet Champion.

HAA: Dale Stockdale 393 Sub Vet Champion , Dean Bright SrVet Champion 384, Shelly 375 Lady I r/u

HOA: Dale Stockdale 1052 Sub Vet Champion, Shelly Heitner 988 Lady I R/U

2016 Michigan State Shoot

Mason, Michigan is the home grounds for the Michigan State shoot. Very nice facilities,campground, trap line, event center and cafeteria. Forty eight traps, not all used for this shoot.  Total of 599 shooters.   

Iowa Entries:1

Event 7 Handicap: Dale Stockdale 95 Sub Vet S/O Forfiet

Event 13 Singles Championship SBVT 199 

2016 Wyoming State Shoot

Wyoming State Shoot was held by Rocky Mountain Gun Club, Casper, WY. This year was the 101st Wyoming State Shoot.  248 shooters competed, three Iowans.  The 2017 WY State Shoot will be held at Sheridan Sportsmen's Association, Sheridan, WY.

Iowa Entries: 3

Event 1 Singles: Dean Bright 100 

Event 2 Handicap: Dean Bright 98 s/o

Event 3 Doubles: Dean Bright SRVT Champion 96

Event 4 Doubles: Dean Bright SRVT R/U 97

Event 5 Handicap: Dean Bright Champion 99

Event 6 Singles: Dean Bright SRVT R/U 97

Event 8 Doubles Championship:  Dean Bright SRVT 97 s/o

HOA Dean Bright  Senior Vet Champion

2016 Kentucky State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 1

Event 1: Shelly Heitner Lady I Singles Champion 98

Event 6 : Shelly Heitner  Lady I Singles 99

Event 9 : Shelly Heitner Singles Championship Lady I Champion 199

2016 US Open

Iowa Entries: 3

Event 1 Singles: Bev Dominacki: 95 Lady II Champion

Event 3 Doubles:  Bev Dominacki: 85 Lady II Champion

Event 4 Singles: Bev Dominacki: 97 Lady II Champion

Event 5 Handicap:  Bev Dominacki: 88 Lady II Champion

Event 6 Doubles:  Bev Dominacki: 83 Lady II Champion

Event 7 Singles Championship:  Bev Dominacki: 183 Lady II Champion

HAA:   Bev Dominacki 341 Lady II Champion

HOA:  Bev Dominacki: 863 Lady II Champion

2016 Arkansas State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 1

Event 2 Singles: Shelly Heitner 97 Lady I Champion

Event 8 Singles: Shelly Heitner 98 Lady I Champion

Event 10 Doubles: Shelly Heitner 90 Lady I Champion

Event 11Singles Championship: Shelly Heitner 199 Lady I Champion

HOA: Shelly Heitner 906

2016 Nebraska State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 29
Event 2 Handicap: Tony Sondag 96 s/o for Champion
Event 3 Doubles: Danny Kaufmann 94 Class AA RU, Frank Sick 94 Sub Vet Runner up
Event 5 Handicap: Karl Klostner 97 (waiting for results) Evan Ingalls 94  (waiting for results)
Event 6 Doubles: Frank Sick 97 c/o
Event 8 Handicap: Dean Bright 97 Shoot off  (waiting for results)
Event 9 Singles Championship: Frank Sick 199 Sub Vet Champion, Evan Ingalls Junior R/U Champion
Event 10 Handicap Championship:Evan Ingalls 94 Jr r/u, Dean Bright 94 SV Champion, Mitch Burgin 94 21-23 yrd, Rick Kalsow 94 Vet r/u,Danny Kaufman 94 
HAA: Frank Sick 383 Sub vet, Dean Bright 382 SV

2016 Utah State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 1
Event 10 Singles ChampionshipRandy Grilz 196 Class B Champion

2016 Ohio State Shoot

Ohio State shoot is held at the Cardinal Center in Marengo, OH.  There are 800 campsites, a heated indoor pool, rec room, pond, laundry mat, car wash and a restaurant. Cardinal Center has 52 trap houses, bunker trap, sporting clay, archery and skeet in progress.  Check out the photos on the 2016 photo page!

Iowa Entries: 6

Event 3 Doubles: Mike Jackson 194 Class A Champion

Event 5 Singles:  Mike Jackson 99 Class A C/O

2016 Illinois State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 28

Still Waiting for the trophy report to post the winners.  Twenty-eight Iowa shooters participated at Illinois State Shoot. Congratulations to Mick Friedle, who broke 200 in the Singles Championship on Saturday.   

2016 Pennsylvania State Shoot

Iowa Entries: 2

Pennsylvania State Sportsmen Association celebrated their 125th State shoot this year.  PSSA home grounds is Elysburg, PA. Beautiful area, scenery of green mountains all around.  Total of 29 traps, 5 practice. The original club is the "lower traps" facing East 9-12. The newer section is the "upper banks" facing North 1-8. There is a campground on the hill where the huge clubhouse and Hall of Fame. East of the clubhouse is vendor row.  Two more campgrounds are in the lower section along with the original clubhouse, now the Valley Gun and Country Club.  The "Big Deal" at the PSSA State shoot is the Kreighoff Challenge Handicap on Friday. 1259 entries, more than Singles Championship which had 1095.  Two numbers were drawn to shoot off for a K-80 Combo.  I was lucky my number was drawn, but not lucky enough to win the shoot off. PA State is Comp Factor 6, 2580 entries in the championship events.  Check out the photos on the photo page.

2016 Kansas State Shoot

2016 Kansas State shoot is held at KTA Trap Park in Wichita, Kansas. Five Iowa contestant, and all five earn honors. Congratulations Terry Palmer, Joe Needham, Shelly Heitner, Carly Berutti and Dale Stockdale.

Event 1 White Flyer Shocker Singles: Terry Palmer 100 Sub Vet Champion

Event 3 Wildcat Dbls:Terry Palmer 96 Class AA c/o, Joe Needham 96 Class B Champion

Event 4 Harlan Campbell Singles-Shelly Heitner  96 Lady I Bronze Pin

Event 6 Jerrod Lies Doubles-Carly Berutti  94 Lady I Bronze Pin

Event 7 Clever Class Singles- Dale Stockdale 198 Sub Vet Champion, Shelly Heitner 198 Lady I Silver, 

Event 8 Clever HC- Shelly Heitner 96 Lady I, Dale 96 Sub Vet Bronze

Event 12 Singles Championship- Joe Needham 197 Sub Vet Silver

Event 13 Doubles Championship-Dale Stockdale 96 Sub Vet Bronze

Event 14 HC Championship-Carly Berutti 96  LI silver

HOA Shelly Heitner 1127 Bronze
HAA  Shelly Heitner 1127 Bronze

2016 Western Grand

Vernal Rod and Gun Club, Vernal, UT hosted the 2016 Western Grand 605 entries in the All Around Championship events, four Iowa entries.  Still waiting for the trophy reports.  Vernal Rod and Gun Club has 13 trap fields,15 handgun/.22 ranges and 122 RV sites. Club Manager is Sean Hawley, along with his wife Stacy and daughter Samantha.  VR&GC is not only know for great targets, they are also known for the fun after the shoots.  Great meals and fun shooting games.  Another huge bonus: Craig and Sharon Hart contributing $15,000 added money and 33 Gold Eagle Coins! And the continued support of Bill and Lee Ann Martin. 

Vernal Rod and Gun Club

P.O. Box 35, Vernal, UT 84078
Physical Address:
3495 N. 2500 W.

phone: (435)789-0418
email  [email protected]

2016 Great Lakes Grand

Event 4 Gunner Thompson Handicap- Joe Needham 94 Sub Vet Champion

Event 7 Lake Huron Singles- Ed Schlotfeldt 100 Sub  Vet Champion

Event 9 Lake Ontario Doubles- Ed Schlotfeldt 97 Class AA R/U

Event 11 Rio Handicap-  Ed Schlotfeldt 98 4th place

Event 13 Great Lakes Grand Handicap Championship- Dale Stockdale 97 Sub Vet Championship

2016 Missouri State Shoot

Event 1 Bob Graf Singles: Eric Clark Class C Champion, Dale Nelson Class D Champion 92

Event 2 Bob Graf HC: Eric Clark 18-21.5 yrd Champion 86

Event 7 Dempsey Gottschalk Singles: Steve Winkey 99 Vet Champion, Bev Dominacki 92 LII C/O

Event 8 Aaron Eckelkamp HC: Ron Flake 94 18-21.5 Champion

Event 9 Rachel Hopkins Doubles: Bev Dominacki 87 LII Champion

Event 10 Class Champion Singles: Bev Dominacki 192 Class C R/U C/O. Jerold Giddings 192 Class C R/U C/O

Event 11 WFJ Fienup Memorial HC: Alan Nicholas 95 24-25.5 Champion S/O, Ron Peters  95 24-25.5 Champion S/O,  Robert Arend 95 SR Vet Champion

Event 12 Singles: Gerold Giddings 98 c/o

Event 15 Singles Championship: Austin Haas 196 Class A Champion, Mark Hunt 199 Class B Champion, Cory Clark 195 Class C R/U, Shelly Heitner LI 3rd, Bev Dominacki 3rd LII, Alan Nicholas 198 Sub Vet 3rd.

Event 16 Directors HC: Ron Peters 93 24-25.5 Champion, Frank Tilotta 93 SRVT Champion.

Event 17 Doubles Championship: Danny McCoy 93 Class B Champion, Carly Berutti 88 LI 3rd, Bev Dominacki 88 LII R/U

Event 18 HC Championship: Chance Kirchner 93 LI 3rd, Ilene Jones 86 LII 3rd

HAA: Gordy Peters 363 Class D Champion

2016 Arizona State Shoot

Arizona 2016 State Shoot was held at Ben Avery Clay Target Center in Phoenix. Seven Iowa shooter competed, three bringing home trophies.  Kevin Hartwig Won Class A Champion in the Jumping Cholla Doubles. Tucker Schroeder won Junior Gold in 13 out of 14 events as well as Junior Gold HAA and HOA.  Jeremy Moorehead Took 18-21 Champion in Agave Handicap, won his carry over in Preliminary HC and winning Champion Runner Up in the Arizona State Handicap Championship with a 97!  The 2017 Arizona State Shoot will be held at Tucson Trap and Skeet Club.

Event 2 Ben Avery Handicap: 25-26 yards- C/O Kevin Hartwig 89, Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 82

Event 3 Tucson Doubles: Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 95

Event 4 Saguaro Singles:  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 95

Event 5 Agave Handicap:  18-21 yard Champion Jeremy Moorehead 92,  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 84

Event 6 Jumping Cholla Doubles: Class A Champion-Kevin Hartwig 98,  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 96

Event 7 Class Doubles: Class A-C/O Kevin Hartwig 94Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 96

Event 8 Ocotillo Handicap:  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 87

Event 9 Golden Barrel Singles:  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 97

Event 10 AZ State Doubles Championship:  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 95

Event 11 Class Singles:  Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 96

Event 12 Preliminary HC: 18-21 yard Champion Jeremy Moorehead 92, 25-26 yard C/O Alan NicholasJunior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 83

Event 13 Arizona Singles Championship:  Junior Gold Champion -Tucker Schroeder 196

Event 14 Arizona Handicap Championship:  Champion R/U-Jeremy Moorehead 97, Junior Gold Champion -Tucker Schroeder 89
HAA: Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 380
HOA: Junior Gold Champion-Tucker Schroeder 1032

2016 Florida State Shoot

Florida State Shoot follows the Southern Grand. Four Iowans participated. Larry Bumsted earned Senior Veteran HAA and Senior Veteran Doubles Champion.

2016 Southern Grand

Silver Dollar Gun Club hosted the Southern Grand in Odessa, FL.  Seven Iowa shooters attended the Southern Grand, Joe Needham won three trophies-HOA Class A, Sub Vet Singles Championship and Caesar Guerini Handicap with a 98. Great shooting Joe, and great hamburgers!  Congratulations to Kolton Manning breaking his first 100 straight on the first half of the Singles Championship. Followed with a 97, total of 197.

Silver Dollar Gun Club shoots six banks, 25 per trap. Three banks are on "Gun Side" and three on the "Golf Side". A road divides the two sides.  The Gun Side has Trap, Skeet and Five Stand.  The Golf Side has a golf course and a swimming pool. Two ponds are on the property, with Gators! Florida State Shoot begins Tuesday.

2016 Spring Grand

Spring Grand was held at Tucson Trap and Skeet Club, February 17-28, 2016.  Thirty one Iowans competed in the program. The weather was warm and sunny.  Few days were windy at the start of Grand week, but we hung on and shot.  We had several winners, carry overs and shoot offs.  Congratulations to the winners: Gary Ludwig, Joe Needham, Kathy Johnson, Randy Strauss, Bev Dominacki and Mike Jackson.  TT & SC  has 50 banks. The program is shot 25 per bank. Thank you to the volunteers from Iowa that kept score (Cheryl Halford was one I know of). Also volunteering was Davis Monthan Air Force Base Soldiers, also thank you for your service to our country. New this year was a local Native American Indian Tribe working the line. They all did a GREAT job!  Make your reservations for 2017, you will enjoy your visit at TT &SC.  The grounds are very well kept, beautiful mountain back ground and club house with a lounge, a full bar and restaurant. A lot of stuff to do in the area as well. 

Event 1 Flagstaff Singles: Gary Ludwig 99 Class A Champion 

Event 2 Yuma Handicap:Reginald Schutjer 94 25-26.5 yard Carry Over

Event 5 Prescott Singles: Gary Ludwig 100 Senior Vet Champion. 

Event 7 Class Singles: Gary Ludwig Senior 100 Vet Champion Carry Over

Event 8 Preliminary Handicap: Alan Nicholas 96 Sub Vet Carry over

Event 10 Singles Championship:   Joe Needham 198 Class A Champion,    Gary Ludwig 198 Class A Champion Shoot off, 

Kathy Johnson 192 Lady 1 Champion 

Event 11 Doubles Championship:Randy Strauss 99 Class B Champion

Event 15 Premier Singles:Gary Ludwig 100 Carry Over.

Event 17 Yuma Doubles: Bev Dominacki 85 Class C Carry over, Shelly Heitner 86 Lady I Carry Over.

Event 20 Class Doubles Championship: Bev Dominacki 94 Lady II Runner Up.  Randy Strauss 96 Class B Champion 95

Event 21 Spring Grand Doubles Championship: Randy Strauss 96 Class B Champion 96

Event 23 Spring Grand Singles Championship:Mike Jackson 198 Class A R/U Champion

Joe Needham and Gary Ludwig shot off against each other for Class A Champion in Event 10 Singles Championship. They both broke 198, Joe was the winner of the shoot off. 

2016 Dixie Grand

2016 Dixie Grand was held at Silver Dollar Gun Club in Odessa, Florida January 18-24.  Three Iowa shooters participated. Larry Bumsted won Senior Vet Runner up in Event 11 Doubles Class Championship. Silver Dollar's next large shoot is the Southern Grand March 7-13, followed by Florida State Shoot.  

2016 Tucson Trap and Skeet Winter Chain Shoot

Terry Palmer earned top spot (Champion)  of the Singles Championship Saturday , also winning: Event 8 Singles, Class AA and Event 10 Singles, Class AA. Randy Strauss was on his game all week winning HOA and HAA Class A. Randy won 25-27 yard Champion in Sunday's Handicap Championship, as well as Event 5, 25-27 yard Champion. Gary Ludwig won Event 4, Senoir Vet.  Phil Bonnett Earned 18-21.5 yard Champion of the Handicap Championship.  Nice shooting guys.

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