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Iowa State Trapshooting Association

2017 Iowa Satate Trapshoot

July 18-23, 2017


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 128, Aplington, IA 50604

Physical Address
6138 W Cedar Wapsi, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Phone 319-239-3086

[email protected]

Cedar Falls Gun Club

6138 W Cedar Wapsie Rd. Cedar Falls, IA  
PH: 319 987-2141
Open Sunday's 12:00 - 4:00  Wednesdays 3:00-6:00 Thursday's 3:00 - 6:00 Saturdays 10:00-3:00  

15th Annual Hoss Kannegieter And Annual Harry Bruhn Shoot

John Hughes Winner of the 55" TV Donated by Pat's Auto Salvage at the 15th annual Hoss Kannegieter Shoot at Cedar Falls Gun Club July 16th. John broke 99 on Handicap.

Brayden Carlson

Handicap Champion after a six way shoot off. 33rd annual Harry Bruhn Shoot, Cedar Falls Gun Club Sunday July 17th



Web Site: Click Here for link

Gun Range Address:

2216 130th St.

Afton, IA 50830

[email protected]

High Lakes Officials Contact Information

Doug Jones................641-344-3680

Tom Lesan..................641-344-1183

Marc Roberg...............641-344-5501

Brad Johnson..............641-344-2210

Trap Information:

Steve Maltzahn..............641-344-1277

Del Skroh.......................515-313-8576

Herman Gracey.............641-414-9596

Jasper County Gun Club

Contact Info:

624 W 28TH ST SO
NEWTON , IA 50208
[email protected]

Jasper County Gun Club

624 W 28th St South
Newton, IA 50208 

The third leg of the Annual Triangle Spring Warm Up Shoot
This past April 15 was the third Saturday of the Jasper County Gun Club Annual Spring Warm Up Triangle Shoot which was held in Newton, Iowa. To be eligible for prizes and added money, you had to participate in 2 of the 3 shoots.  The winners of the six events or categories were as follows:

Grand Champion - Terry Palmer - 188 - 16 yd & Handicap
16 YD Champion - Jim Peters - 99 
Handicap Champion - Dick Jones - 90
Doubles Champion - Randy Wignall - 87
Lady Champion - Ilene Jones - 156 - 16 YD & Handicap
Non-Reg Champion - Chuck Jindrich - 167 - 16 YD & Handicap

The Grand Champion won 10 boxes of shells and the other winners won 7 Boxes each.  The added money was based on the total of the combined scores of 16 YD plus Handicap events.  

Shooting conditions were challenging with wind at 20 mph.  It was overcast and high of 65 degrees.  A picture of the Winners is attached.  We have seen those faces before in the winners circle.  Thanks to all who participated.  Dale

The second leg of the Annual Triangle Spring Warm Up Shoot was held Saturday, April 8, at Jasper County Gun Club in Newton, Iowa.  The weather  was nice, but there was a wind of around 20 MPH. Evidently, from looking at the scores the wind was a friend to some, but not all. Turnout was less than last week with 17 entries.  

Leading the charge in the Singles was Jim Peters and Terry Palmer, both with 49's.  Top of the pack in Handicap entering 44's were Mel Manning, Terry Palmer, Jim Peters and Walt Gaskins.  And in Doubles we had Randy Wignall with a 42 for high and Terry Palmer with 39 for second.  Could it be the wind was Randy's friend this day. 

If after this second Saturday of shooting and you have only participated in one of the first two, by entering and shooting next Saturday, you will be eligible for prizes and added money.  Look forward to seeing your and good luck.  Dale

The first of three legs of our Annual Triangle Shoot was held at Jasper County Gun Club in Newton on Saturday, April 1st.  For this time of year the weather cooperated, as we enjoyed temps at 55 degrees and had very little wind to contend with.  Hard to come up with good excuses for missing targets.

High score for the 16 Yd event was turned in by Jim Peters and Jim Lear, both with 49 of 50.  Not surprising to anyone that has shot with them.  In the Handicap event there were three tied at 46.  They were Dave Cary, Bill Stuve and Terry Palmer.   In Doubles there were no ties and the winner was, again, Terry Palmer.  It is not easy to keep a good shooter down.  

We had good participation with 24 entered in Singles, 22 in Handicap and 10 in Doubles.  

Saturday, April 8 is the second leg of the Triangle Shoot.  Starting time is 11:30 am for the program.  If you missed shooting this past Saturday, you can still qualify for prizes and added money by participating the next two Saturdays.   Good luck when and wherever you shoot.  Dale.

Jasper Co Gun Club Champions

Contact Information Mailing Address

Otter Creek Sportsmans Club
P.O. Box 31
Hiawatha, Iowa 52233

For Additional Information Contact:
RG Prucha

40th Annual $1,000 Handicap Shoot
July 2-3

Dylan Schepers was the Champion Handicap Winner at Otter Creek at their 40th Annual $1,000 Shoot on July 2nd with a score of 100!
Lane Dundee who was the 2nd Place Winner in the Otter Creek Sportsman's Club 40th Annual $1,000 Handicap Shoot held on July 3, 2016.  Lane Dundee tied with Harlan Campbell with a score of 98.
Harlan Campbell JR (KS Resident) who captured 3rd Place 98
"On July 4th, 2016  Danny Meyne of Greene, IA shot (and Smashed!) his 100,00th doubles target. The milestone was completed at Otter Creek Sportsmen's Club of Cedar Rapids, IA. This was part of Otter Creek's 3 day shoot that included 500 targets (plus marathon targets), over $2000 added money, 60 flats of shells & $1000 of gift cards. Danny had already achieved this same milestone in singles & handicap targets. Congratulations Dan! And Thanks for sharing your accomplishment with us at Otter Creek SC"



Web Site: Click Here for link


10724 Co Hwy S-55,Ackley, IA 50601
[email protected]

Ventura Gun Club

Board Members

President: Jay Friday - (641) 420-2307
Vice President: Dar Avery - (641) 829-3288
Secretary: Mark Scholl - (641) 430-2667
Treasurer: Lori Wickman - (641) 425-1588



Ventura Gun Club
1488 255 State Highway 18 West
Ventura, IA 50482
(641) 829-3364
[email protected]

Club Manager
Mark Scholl
(641) 430-2667

Harold Beckner - (641) 420-5334
Larry Coe - (641) 829-3379
Rob Arnold - (641) 420-4893
Dave Wickman - (641) 425-1131
Tim Gerdes - (641) 592-9513
Travis Glidden - (641) 860-2013
Steve Schutte - (641) 512-2733
George Fountas - (641) 430-3428

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